Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Last Wednesday

Our Wednesday morning was spent taking the cats to the vet clinic to get their travel clearance and health certificate.  It didn't take long and everything went smoothly so all in all it wasn't so bad. The cats hated being in their kennels and taken around so they voiced their opinions to us, a lot.   The base that has the vet clinic is also the same one where I used to work and I needed to stop by the office.  I had gotten a call saying that something had come in with my name on it from corporate offices stateside and could I come and get it.  Turns out it was completely work related and could have been handled the day they got it, but they didn't know that.  I just thought it was a bit funny.

After all the running around David tried to get some more out processing done while I chilled back in our room. By that evening I was getting a bit of cabin fever but couldn't decide what I wanted to do.  In the end we rented movies and hung out in the room some more.  The movie we watched was the Joss Whedon adaptation of "Much Ado About Nothing".  It was fantastic!! Joss Whedon brought a spin to the story that only he can bring and it was hilarious and just wonderful.  Dave even enjoyed it, but that's not surprising given he tends to love everything Whedon does.

The day was kind of boring when all things were said and done but I guess I can expect more of the same for quite a while. We'll be stuck in temp housing when we get to Vegas and will probably be another smallish room that make people want to go crazy.  I think the anticipation is killing me too and I just want this all over with.    In the end, I'm sure I'll find someway to enjoy living in Las Vegas, at least I hope so.

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