Monday, February 25, 2013

And The Oscar Goes To . . .

Just to start off, this is not going to be a cliched review of last nights penultimate award ceremony.  What it is going to be is an admission that as much as I love being here in Europe, I wish I were back in the States to watch the Oscars with my Mom.  You see, since I was in college, my mom and I have done our own Joan and Melissa Rivers routine while watching the various awards shows.  We critique the outfits, obviously, but we also look at the speeches and all the other nonsense that goes all with it all.  Ok mostly it's the clothes, who am I kidding.

Take this hot mess for example (the woman on the right). . . . why on this earth would you wear this hideous outfit to the Oscars when you were nominated?  Sure, if you are just going to be there, not an actor, director, writer or crew member, by all means make your own fashion statement.  But no, this woman was nominated and won!  As a result she had to go up on stage looking a fright.  My mother would have slapped me for going to something as prestigious as the Oscars wearing this failed ensemble.  I can only hope she thought she wasn't going to win.

Anyway, when I get back to the States I will gladly go back to my superficial and stereotypical review of Hollywood's elite.  It's ever so much fun! :)