Friday, July 10, 2009

Getting closer to October and I don't like it.

Up until now I've had the comfort of knowing that our move was 6 months away . . . 5 months away . . . 4 months away . . . . All of a sudden I realized now we have less than 3 months left and shit is going to start happening fast. David is already scheduling appointments to meet with the movers (which I find ironic because I don't know when we're actually moving yet) and getting information on his out processing schedule from Mountain Home. There is so much stuff I still want to do before I leave and not nearly enough time or money. I'm very excited at the prospect of moving and of being able to see all the completely awesome stuff I'm going to see, but I'm going to have a very hard time adjusting to being without family. I'll adjust and I'll be fine but it's going to be very very rough and I'm not looking forward to dealing with it all. Especially over the holidays. This is going to be Owen's first Christmas walking around and being more interative than just a lump on the floor pulling paper and I am so heart broken I'm going to miss it. And I'm terrified that he won't remember me at all when I come home. I know Annie is going to show him pictures and I'm going to get to talk to him, hopefully over the web cam, but things like that are so abstract to little kids it's going to be hard to process. I've enjoyed watching him grow up so much over the last year I can't imagine what the difference will be like the first time I see him after being gone for so long. I definitely plan on coming home at least once every year (hopefully more if I can swing it) so it probably won't be as bad as I imagine it will be.

I'll keep everyone posted as much as I can when things actually start to move in the next month or two. We should be getting our finalized dates for travel soon (I hope fingers crossed) and then I'll know when and where we're flying and make arrangements to see people.