Monday, September 28, 2009

Movings Sucks . . . Invent Teleportation Already, Dammit!

So today was moving day. The movers were supposed to pack everything in one day and failed miserably. For any of you following that are not military, when you move overseas they have a company come to your home and pack up everything you are taking. You don't have to do any pre-packing or anything, they do it all for you. Which I absolutely love!! I hate packing and it just seems like the older and more married I get the more stuff we have. Dave has almost every game console made within the last 15 years and games to accompany most of them. We are both huge bibliophiles and movie buffs so you can imagine the combined collection of books and movies. It's ridiculous, really. We are in talks to try and consolidate/organize our movie collection so if anyone has any suggestions they would be welcome. As far as the books go we'll probably never give them away. . . I can't do that to my babies :)

All in all everything went smoothly as can be, I guess. They'll be back tomorrow to finish the job and then get everything ready to send over to us. Oh and here's the fun part . . . they don't have to deliver it until December 7th!! They showed us the moving order and it says required delivery date is December 7th. They'll take it down to where it's supposed to get on the boat, but if the boat isn't full it doesn't ship out until it is. So our stuff could be waiting in limbo for weeks if not a months. Fan-freaking-tastic. Hopefully that will not be the case and we will have our own nice furniture in time for Thanksgiving. In the meantime we'll be finishing up cleaning and repair projects and working on making sure the house will pass our final inspection. Wish us luck!