Friday, September 30, 2011

With My Bestie!

My best friend Beth is over here visiting and we're having a wonderful time!! I've taken her to see a castle (which she says was better than the ones in Japan) and we went on a culinary/red wine walk and also to Cologne which is one of the most amazing German cities.  And now, we're in Paris.  We'll be here until Sunday and I'm so excited to be able to show her all these things!

Today we're getting kind of a late start but we've both been pretty tired and on the move this whole week so we're going to kind of chill and take our time.  I know it must seem I only blog whenever we go to Paris and I'm trying to change that :) Hopefully I'll have some other new stuff up soon. I've got lots of pictures and things I want to put up from Barcelona as well and I never did post anything about Rome.  I should just create a second travel blog and then have my own personal stuff....hmmm.

Anyway, for whoever is reading this I hope you enjoy your day!! Talk to you soon.