Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mad Cash, Yo!!

So I decided to go through our little coin bank to get rid of our all our Euro coin that we won't need once we leave.  It actually netted us quite a bit of money.  In full rolls we got $22 in American coins (dimes, nickels, and pennies) and then €35 in Euro coins.  We are just a few coins away from get €75 between the 1 and 2 euro pieces.  So if we get over €100 that will turn in to about $135-ish.  Not bad!  What's funny about having 2 full rolls of pennies is that no one over here takes them, everything gets rounded up or down to the next nickel.  It costs more than the pennies are worth to ship them over here so how we ended up with that many pennies baffles me.  We aren't turning in our quarters (which probably would have netted us another $20 or more) because we're going to need them to utilize the laundromats on base while we're displaced and have no appliances of our own.

In other news, I've packed up most of my Hard Rock glasses to send to my mom.  I ran out of packing tape for the second box so I need more of that before I can continue. I don't trust the movers to pack them well enough to avoid being broken.  I'd rather pack them myself and know that it got done right than leave it up to a bunch of guys who don't care about the time I've spent collecting them.  My collections is pretty impressive though.  Not all of them are martini glasses like I started out collecting (some of the locations just didn't carry them) so I have a few random types of glasses.  I am kind of bummed that I didn't complete my Germany collection and get the one from the Hamburg location.  I have Berlin, Munich, and Cologne but I won't have Hamburg. Somehow I managed to get 2 glasses from Rome, a hurricane and a martini, which is weird.  Oh and I have 1 pilsner glass from Dublin.  So my collection is more hodge podge than I would have liked, but the hubs says it has personality.  Considering I have 14 glasses from my travels, it's not too bad. :)

Other than that, the movers are coming next week which should be a big relief for the both of us when it's done and over with.  I'll try to keep anyone who is following and interested updated on our plans and if anything major changes.  TTYL!

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