Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My Last Tuesday In Germany

So I'm sitting here in our temporary housing on base with nothing to do while the hubs runs around doing his final out-processing appointments.  I figured that I would update my blog and talk a little bit about my last week here in Germany.  But first, I'll quickly sum up what's been going on up to now.  Last week was the big hurdle for us: the move.  The movers came on Tuesday and packed up our unaccompanied baggage (household goods and clothes that get expedited rather than going on the slow boat).  We thought the other movers were coming on Wednesday but they did not show up until Thursday. At any rate, they got the house packed and on the truck that same day.  Friday and Saturday were spent cleaning and taking trash to the local dumping facility.  Sunday was the day our hired cleaners came out to clean the entire house before our landlady came that afternoon.  She showed up and everything was fine so we got all out of the house without any issues.  Whew!  Still with me?

Ok, so now on to my last week here in Germany.

Yesterday was Tuesday and we had a few things going on.  I was put on some antibiotics a little over a week ago and on Sunday I noticed red splotches on the tops of my thighs.  I thought it had just been from cleaning or something but they hadn't gone away by Monday after I'd taken antihistamines and used cortisone cream.  As a result, I made an appointment for Tuesday morning to be seen by my doctor.  It was the last thing I wanted to do but with a history of penicillin allergies in my family I didn't want to chance anything the week before we leave.  As it turns out, it wasn't an allergy but could have been triggered by any number of factors and I was sent away with a prescription of cortisone cream and good wishes for my PCS.  So that was a waste of my morning but I suppose it gave me peace of mind.  After that I had another doctor's appointment with a local German dermatologist.   Spent almost an hour in the waiting room to be seen for literally less than 5 minutes.  Again, another colossal waste of my time.  However, since I was in town I had the opportunity to return some things we'd bought for the house that we ended up not needing. 

I went back on base and got David so that we could go take some stuff to the recycling center that we still had in the rental car.  Normally we can't take stuff on base because that's for people in base housing only.  But, since we have PCS orders, we're allowed to use the facility at least once which was very helpful.

Since our morning and early afternoon yesterday was spent running errands it made it all the nicer when we got to sit in our room and relax.  David actually took a nap while I watched Ellen on AFN .  I don't know why, but it's so nice to watch TV again.  For the 4 years we've been over here we didn't have cable or AFN.  We had our TV to watch movies and play games on but it was never connected to a receiver.  When we get to Vegas and have cable we're not going to know what to do with ourselves.

We topped off the night by making cheddar brats, baked potatoes, and broccoli for dinner while we watched some of our favorite TV shows.  All in all it was a pretty good and fairly productive day.  I do want to continue on posting every day of my last week here in Germany.  I'll try to include a few pictures, too. 
Our spiffy temp housing quarters.

So as you can see, nothing fancy about our digs, but it works. It's nice to be in a place that has a kitchen, even as limited as it is, so that we can not have to go out to eat every night. 

That's about all for now, I suppose. 

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