Thursday, March 1, 2012

Versailles Is Amazing

We went to Versailles the weekend before Valentine's Day just to get out of the area for a while.  I always feel like a snob when I mention how many times we've been to Paris but it's just so ridiculously easy to get to!  Take a 15 minute car ride to the train station, the train ride itself is only 2.5 hours and it drops you off right in the city.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 
Recreation of Marie Antoinette's bedroom

Versailles is on the edge of Paris but is easily accessible by train.  We went on a Sunday when it was cold but fairly sunny. It was so amazing being around that type of history and seeing the weird and lavish way the rooms were decorated.  I'm sure they not have been completely left as they were back in their hey-day but it was really fantastic to see what it could have looked like.  In all honesty it's probably a very historically accurate recreation so it's not hard to get lost in the thought of  "Marie Antoinette stood at that fireplace" or "Louis sat in that chair."

Me and the hubs
Clock above the main entrance and over our heads in the picture above
We spent most of the day just wandering inside the palace.  Unfortunately the gardens behind the palace were closed.  I'm not sure if it was due to the weather or if it was something else but I was really disappointed. I'm hoping we can manage to squeeze in one more trip in the spring or summer before we leave Europe so we can visit the gardens.

Gates of the inner courtyard
We ate lunch at the restaurant inside the palace called "Angelina".  Apparently this restaurant got its start in Paris on the Rue di Rivoli and is known for it's hot chocolate.  Sadly we did not know this at the time and we got tea.  I know . . . it saddens my heart too.  The good thing that came of it though was that I found a green tea with mint in it that I love!! The only problem is they don't sell it here in Germany and it cost 12€ in Paris. Yikes! At the current exchange rate that's roughly $16 for a box of tea.  But it's totally worth it.  I can't seem to make myself stop drinking it so it will last.  But then again I bought to drink so why not drink it, eh? Knowing me it won't be the last time we'll go to Paris so I'll just make sure to include a stop at "Angelina" the next time I'm in town . . . or at the palace.  When I do I'll be sure to comment on their hot chocolate and see if they do it better than the Germans.

Glimpse of the garden from inside the Hall of Mirrors

I don't know what it is about Paris.  I seem to only blog anymore when I'm in  or have just come home from Paris but I love sharing my experiences with everyone. Each trip has been so different and amazing; you really could spend a lifetime there getting to know the city.  For me it just holds a certain appeal.  And it's not the food or the wine or the art but just the city itself.  It's inviting and just a wonderfully easy get away that I love taking advantage of.

As for doing a blog NOT centered around Paris I hope to be doing that very soon.  We have a trip planned to Scotland for our anniversary and if the hubs approves we'll be doing a trip to Lucerne, Switzerland the weekend after his birthday.  Fondue, anyone?

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