Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Brief Overview of Our Trip to Dublin

 I know this one is a long time in coming but here are some photos of our trip to Dublin over Veteran's Day in November.  I'm a horrible photographer so none of these do the city justice. The city was fantastic.  We had some excellent food at a restaurant called the Elephant & Castle (I ate a dish called Eggs Idaho for brunch!).  I drank hard ciders exclusively because they don't sell them draught over here in Germany unless you go to an actual Irish pub. I found out I actually like Guinness which was a revelation to me.  I also discovered I *really* like Jameson and cranberry juice.  I know, I know! Whiskey lovers all over are groaning and saying you never mix whiskey, but in my defense, they made it for me.  At the end of your tour in the Jameson Distillery you get a free drink and one of the options is Jameson mixed with cranberry juice.  It's lovely. 

I ain't 'fraid of NO GHOSTS

 We did the Hop On/Hop Off city bus tour for the day and it was hilarious listening to the driver's commentary. One driver especially had a lot to say about Molly Malone.  I never realized she was viewed as a loose women, but then again I never really looked into her history. 

Molly Malone - the dish with the fish

 This was Dave finally taking a turn at the camera-ing. I was selected to do a whiskey taste comparison after the official tour was over.  I tasted Jameson, Johnny Walker and Jack Daniels.  I by far prefer the Jameson.  Never been a huge scotch fan but Jameson is getting pretty high on my list.

Whiskey comparison at the Jameson Distillery

Dublin on the river Liffey
We had a fabulous long weekend in the city and I wish we could have stayed longer.  Anyone who knows me could tell you I'd move the UK or Ireland and live there in a heartbeat.  Alas I don't think it will happen but it makes me happy knowing that I've been there and will have those memories.  Especially this one . . .

Amazing photo op at the Disney store

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