Saturday, September 21, 2013

Random Pictures

Before our last trip to Rome, the hubs dumped all the pictures from our assorted memory cards and put them on my computer. Here are a few I found and really loved.
This was our first weekend in Germany.  We took the train to go exploring.

Our first trip to Cologne and the amazing Chocolate Museum.

Those two up above were from my first trip to Paris.  It was also my parents first trip over here to see us.  My mom and I were so giddy to be in Paris that we could hardly stand it.

Brandenberg Gate in Berlin

Ok, so this one is another one from Paris.  It was when I decided to spend my 30th birthday there and our friends Mark and Megan came over from England to celebrate with us.  It was an amazing weekend and I'm so glad I could share it with them.

I know I'm behind on my travel posts since I haven't put up Copenhagen or Rome yet.  Hopefully one day soon I'll get to it.   But for now, enjoy! :)

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