Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Frankfurt Follies

So I ran across this picture this weekend when I finally plugged in the SD card from my camera.  This particular picture was taken at a Starbucks in Frankfurt. We'd stopped in to get something warm to drink because we'd been wandering around the Christmas market most of the afternoon.  We decided to have fun with the camera and the hubs is always giving me a hard time about how there are never any pictures of me.  So there, here's a picture of me.  And also evidence that he may want to eat my face.  Ew.

Some days I'm not so sure about his motives . . . 


  1. Ha, nice picture.

    I miss the Christmas markets!

    1. Thanks! We PCS this fall and I'm really going to miss them too. BTW: Read part of your book (free preview from Amazon) and I am impressed and intrigued. It's officially on my wishlist. :)