Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Alaska Gnome and His Great Adventures

For those of you not aware, my sister gave me the official Travelocity Roaming Gnome last year.  His name is Alaska Gnome. I was tasked with taking him places and posing him in pictures. So far, he's been to England twice and several places in Germany.  He will be going to Switzerland and Paris next month as well.  He really does get around!

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany - Looking out our hotel room.

We're hoping to go to Denmark and Norway this summer as well so he'll be able to get those countries under his belt, too.  Before we leave Germany I'd like to at least visit Amsterdam if not spend the weekend there. 

London, England - Again, looking out our hotel room at Big Ben.
Some days he is kind of a pain to carry around but I swear we are taking a back pack with us to Paris this time!  When we were in London my shoulders ached from having to keep switching the side my purse was on and it got so heavy; even small souvenirs start to add up. 

The sis had a great idea of getting bumper stickers and covering him with them, but I kind of like the idea of doing it with stamps. They're smaller and once I get back to the States I can get some Mod Podge and stick 'em right on.  I still have some peeps that can send me some stamps from Jolly Old England and then I'll just have to make sure and buy extra stamps when I travel from  now on.  Oh, and you better believe he's getting his picture at Hard Rock! :-)

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