Thursday, December 3, 2009

In Germany - New Update Finally!!

Sorry it's been so long since my last update, we had alot going on in the last few weeks. But I'll kind of give you a breakdown of everything that's gone on.

We arrived on schedule in Germany on the 27th and got thru customs just fine. Our sponsor met us and took us to get checked into our room, take us by the commissary to get some food and then to drop by the lab so David could meet some people, namely the Chief. After all that was done we finally got to back to our room and try not to fall asleep. David for some reason fell asleep on the plane ride over so was a little more energetic than me and decided to walk around base. I was not having any of it so I watched TV and tried not to fall asleep. I've never experienced anything like the jet lag I had. I felt drugged and completely out of it. Finally when he got back I told him I had to go lay down. I told him to wake me up in an hour and a half or else I wasn't going to get to sleep that night and get on a proper schedule. After some sleep and a hot shower I felt somewhat human and we walked down to the commissary to grab some stuff for dinner. The rest of the following weeks included looking for houses and preparing to take our driver's test to get our licenses to drive. David had 30 days off to house hunt but we ended up finding one about two weeks in.

When we got the house I finally was able to tell my friend Beth to send the cats over to us!! Yay! She and Krsityne were so great . . . they got all their paperwork done and got up at 4 am to take their furry butts to the shipping facility. I love those girls! ♥ So I got to the place where I think I'm supposed to be picking up the cats and find I have no clue where I'm supposed to be. I go into 2 different offices before I find the one where I'm supposed to be at to pick up the cat's documents (vet paperwork and what not). Then I go upstairs to pay for said paper work and they only take cash - big surprise I have no euro on me. So I have to go find an ATM. I get that accomplished and then head back to pay for the paperwork and - I assume - pick up the cats. Nein!! I have to go to a different location and go to the veterinarian so they can do an exam of my kids. That cost me about $160 bucks. Then I have to go thru customs (which is in another damn building!!) and get the furballs cleared thru them. Ok fine. Then I have to go back to the Animal Lounge, show them my paper work and then pay another $90 for boarding them . . . for 3 hours. Holy Mother of Pearl if I had known it was going to take me 4 hours and cost me over $300 I would have taken some downers to help make the trip easier. But the end result was worth it, I got my cats and they've adapted quite well and are not having any lingering issues from their trip.

We got into the house and got all of our household goods and furniture so we're starting to slowly unpack. Germans (and Europeans in general) do not believe in closets and we haven't gotten the temp ones from base yet so I have really no place to put our stuff, so the unpacking is going really slow. Other than that things are going pretty well. David is on swings so I'm at the house all by myself most of the night. It doesn't bother me too bad, but I'm certainly glad I have the cats to keep me company. ☻

Well in a nutshell that's all that's happened since we landed in Deutschland. I can't believe we've already been here over a month. Only 35 more months left!! Sheesh. Now all we're waiting on is David to get his passport so we can start our traveling and then there will be so much more to write!!

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